Is World War III Found in Bible Prophecy?

by sighandcry on September 14, 2013

Wwii dead

As the world staggers on the verge of World War III with the eminent threat of the United States planning to strike Syria in what many forecasters see as a provocation that will erupt into a much larger conflagration drawing in Russia and China in a resumption of the long standing hostilities between the Eastern and Western bloc countries. The question that has to arise in the mind of any serious student of scripture is, where is any of this foretold in Bible prophecy? The official position of the Seventh-day Adventist church is essentially that of silence so the topic is rarely if ever discussed openly in church forums. This is not surprising since the answer is found in the visions of the minor prophets and the latter portion of Daniel chapter 11.

The recent Adult Sabbath School lesson quarterly from the second quarter of 2013 that focused on “Major Lessons from the Minor Prophets” yet had nothing to comment about a future large scale war centered about the Middle East. The church teaching on the king of the north found in Daniel chapter 11 is anything but certain with many differing viewpoints arising and no firm consensus. This dilemma, though often sidelined, is acknowledged by church leaders and keen observers amongst the laity. An article from the Journal of Adventist Theology by Donn W. Leatherman provides a historical overview of the situation facing the church. A book published in 1999 by Review and Herald and authored by Donald Mansell entitled “Adventists and Armageddon” also demonstrates the theological crisis the church faces based on its misinterpreting of the latter portion of Daniel 11. 

Perhaps is it time for the church leaders and laity alike to consider the possibility that all of the views that have been published over the years lack one essential element. None of them are inspired! Ellen White comments on the importance of Daniel 11 in a general way (e.g. Testimonies Vol. 9, p. 14) but offers not detailed commentary. So this brings the obvious conclusion, should we not be searching for a divinely inspired explanation of these verses rather than continue to rely upon the arm of the scholars that will surely fail us? By the most peculiar circumstances the solution to this paradox in adventist theology has been knocking on the doors of the church for almost seventy years in a series of tracts and sermon addresses that are listed below in their original format and digitally scanned as download PDF’s for your earnest study. Honest seekers of Truth will be amazed to see all of the theological conflicts and private interpretations of these verses vanish before their eyes in the light of a fresh unfolding of prophetic truth straight from the heavenly throne. Consider just some of the amazing discoveries that are found therein.

  • The key to identifying the king(s) of the north in Daniel 11 is to determine who ruled over the glorious land (Palestine) over the centuries.
  • The king of the south that suffers a set back in Dan. 11:40 is the Ottoman (Turkish) empire which began its first losses starting in 1699.
  • The conflict described in Daniel 11:44 is World War II.
  • The next world war is actually a resumption of the hostilities that arose during World War II.
  • Britain followed by America is identified and the king of the north in Daniel 11:40-45 who will lose out and retreat out of Palestine back into the Sinai in preparation for God setting up His kingdom (Dan. 2:44).
  • These and many more startling revelations are foretold in this amazing prophecy. Come and see for yourself.

Tract No. 12 — “The World Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (A detailed expose of Dan. 11).

Timely Greetings Vol. 2, No. 7 — “The Time of ‘The Time of Trouble’ “

Timely Greetings Vol. 2, No. 42 — “That Which Is to Be During the Time of the End.”



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