Historical Documents Related to the Advance of the Shepherd’s Rod Message

During the research to restore the Shepherd’s Rod message to its original estate a number of documents related to the establishment and progression of the message were discovered in various locations including libraries, church archives, and personal collections. These documents, many of which are now available for the first time, can be downloaded at the links listed below. They reveal some interesting facts such as the Seventh-day Adventist church’s changing position on many doctrines that they once held as true, but then later changed in counter the light brought to focus by the subject from teachings published in the Rod. Also brought to light is the hostility of the church leadership to the Rod message and their open warfare against those church members who exercise their liberty of conscience to investigate its claims.

Doctrinal Teachings:

  • Letter from EGW Estate, December 2, 1971 (PDF, 68 KB). An official reply from Arthur L. White, Secretary to the White Estate, to an inquiry regarding inspired statement(s) about the teaching of the “stone” in Dan. 2:45.
  • Isaiah 65:20, The Little Season: SDA Documents (PDF, 4.4 MB). A collection of records from official SDA publications (ST, RH) around the 1900′s regarding the church teaching on the 100 years of Isa. 65:20, also known as the short space/little season found in Rev. 17:10, 20:3.
  • The Test and Trial at Minneapolis, 1888 (PDF, 468 KB). A 10 page track containing a reprint of a letter written from Ellen White to Elder O. A. Olsen dated Sept. 1, 1892. It concerns the problem of the church attitude in rejecting the message brought by Elders Jones and Waggoner which revealed a lack of love to Jesus and for one another.
  • Review and Herald, Centennial Special, 1844-1944 (PDF, 973 KB). A brief history documenting the rise of the three angels messages introduced to the church by William Miller (1st), Charles Fitch (2nd), and Joseph Bates/James Whites (3rd). These facts disprove the Roden-Branch theory about the five angels in Revelation 14.

Letters from V. T. Houteff and other Davidians to S. D. A. church leaders/members:

Official publications and teachings from the S. D. A. church related to the Rod message:

The S. D. A. church warfare against the Shepherd’s Rod message:

Personal letters and testimonies from S. D. A.’s regarding the Shepherd’s Rod message:

Other Documents of Interest:

  • Certificate of Fellowship Application Form, (PDF, 660 KB). This document includes an original “Application for Fellowship” form used by Mt. Carmel Center under Bro. Houteff’s administration along with a scan of an actual Fellowship card. The letter that was included with the card when it was issued is also included in retyped format.
  • Bequethment Certificate (PDF, 215 KB) A benefit for the “Second Tithers Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists” first provided in September 1944 (Tract 13, 2nd Ed., p. 47). See also Answerer Book No. 5, pp. 61-63.

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