Zechariah’s Vision of Horses and Chariots: What Does it Mean?

by sighandcry on September 21, 2013

Zech 6 upa7 org

The Adult Sabbath School lesson from the second quarter of 2013 focused on major lessons from the minor prophets. Even though two weeks were devoted to the books of the prophet Zechariah, the sixth chapter was entirely skipped over. This is a strange coincidence as the vision of the horses and chariots found in verses one through eight contain a most vital and important present truth lesson for the Seventh-day Adventist church today (please see the visual depiction of this vision above). In fact, it portrays the exact condition of the church today in the sight of God and most significantly, it reveals the divine remedy for the paradox gripping the church today between the multitude of factions and beliefs that exist under the Adventist umbrella. Truly one can marvel and praise God that in His infinite wisdom and mercy He has made known these things beforehand through His servants the prophets. Below please examine the short video presentation that explains the various symbols involved, and then for deeper study examine the original tract publication that arose to reveal this most amazing prophecy for the first time in history (please click the link below the video to download a PDF copy).


Tract No. 2: The Great Paradox of the Ages



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