Daniel 11:40-45: The King of the North

by sighandcry on December 3, 2009

Decline of the Turkish Empire

Decline of the Turkish Empire

A much confused and debated topic among Seventh-day Adventists in the understanding of the latter portion of Daniel Chapter 11, verses 40-45.  Most significantly, who is the identity of the King of the North and what his role in later day prophetic events? Early Adventists (1846-67) tended to believe that thing power was the papacy but by 1881 the majority of Adventists tended to side with the popular teaching of Uriah Smith who suggested that the last power of Daniel 11 was going to be Turkey. This was widely circulated in his popular and influential book entitled “Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation” (later retitled “Daniel and Revelation”).  This thinking tended to dominate until the early 1950′s when all SDA beliefs tended to go into disarray because of of a long litany of blundered false predications regarding the role of Turkey in latter day prophesies.  Today the situation remains muddied with many SDA’s tending to favor of old view of the papacy, but this position is also fraught with difficulties and contradictions.  If at anytime in earth’s history we are in need of Holy Spirit inspired revelation of these verses it is now.  So you are invited to come and see what inspiration has provided in a fresh portion of “meat in due season” that your soul may be nourished with the more sure word of Prophecy.  Please download the study at the link below to begin your feast.

Daniel 11:40-45:  King of the North and King of the South, Who are They?” (PDF, 1.4 MB)


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