Adventist Doctrine and the Middle East

by sighandcry on August 22, 2010

Image Credit:  Alex Williamson

Image Credit: Alex Williamson

With the war drums sounding and dire predictions about Israel’s eminent attack on Iran, which is feared to erupt into a major war spanning the entire Middle East coming from the more sophisticated media outlets, thinking men and women of the world look on with anxious and foreboding uncertainty about the future of this troubled region.

“The Point of No Return”, Jeffery Goldberg, The Atlantic

NPR Interview with Jeffrey Goldberg from “The Atlantic” and Jon Lee Anderson from “The New Yorker”

This brings us to the question, what does the Bible have to say about these things? Is the voice of prophecy silent on these developments? The Seventh-day Adventist church arose with a unique prophetic understanding of last day events in connection with Bible prophecy, especially the books of Daniel and Revelation in comparison with the rest of Christianity. However, the Adventist eschatology regarding future events involving the Middle East are conspicuously silent.  Why is this so? This is no accident. Shifting Adventist predictions concerning the prophecies of Daniel 11 verses 40 to 45 and the battle of Armageddon have been a particular source of embarrassment over the years.  Why is this the case? The prophecies regarding the role of the Middle East and especially the rise of the modern nation of Israel are not within the limited scope of their prophetic eyepiece that ends with the writings of Ellen White. Amazingly, the advanced light on these significant events have been outlined and predicted to complete accuracy in the writings of the Shepherd’s Rod message years before they took place.

Tragically the church leadership, due to their intense hatred of  the Rod, has rejected these divine revelations much to their chagrin when they have tried to defend their uninspired private opinions on the identity of the King of the North, the latter-day kingdom, the modern nation of Israel, and related topics to the evangelical protestants who see that many Old Testament prophecies, especially from the books of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, and Zechariah, have a direct application to the Middle East and end-time prophetic events when taken as they plainly read from the Bible. As more fully exposed the research article below, this house of cards for the S. D. A. church leadership is about to fall. Hopefully and prayerfully, it will not be to late for some of them of them wake up and acknowledge the inspired light coming from the Rod and its ability to put an end to the Adventist dilemma regarding the soon coming gigantic war in the Middle East.

House of Cards Built on Sand: Troubles with S. D. A. Theology and the Middle East

For the irrefutable prophetic revelations from the Rod regarding these vitally important topics, please examine Tracts Nos. 12 and 14 on the “Rod Publications” page on this site. For a abbreviated study on the identity of the King of the North found in Daniel 11:40-45, see our previous post “Daniel 11:40-45: Who is the King of the North?


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SR-admin November 16, 2010 at 10:10 pm

In the interest of those searching for truth as for hidden treasure:

We received an email response from to this post that attempted to dismiss its importance with the follow quip . . .

“This is in response to B E Ammi’s article house of cards: I think he needs to study the BIBLE!”

“That somehow Turkey was still the king of the north continued to be not only Leon Smith’s [son of Uriah Smith] position but the position of most Adventists. After all, our people reasoned, Turkey still retained the Caliphate – the religious leadership of the Islamic world.” – Ibid. p. 69.

A link to the following article was given in a vain attempt to have us consider the predictions of a radical Muslim will somehow supersede the prophecies of the Holy Bible is truly remarkable, i.e., the Caliph will someday sit on Jerusalem!,7340,L-3304384,00.html

SR-admin November 16, 2010 at 10:16 pm

The author of the study “The House of Cards Built on Sand: Glaring Inconsistencies in Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine” had the follow comment on‘s attempt to dismiss the substance of the issue confronting the Seventh-day Adventist church regarding its teachings on the middle east in prophesy and the king of the north.

The “House of Cards” article takes no position regarding the identity of the King of the North of Daniel 11: 40-45. The positions listed in the first section of the document are those of the Seventh-day Adventist church during World War I and it’s immediate aftermath. The article is not attempting to define who the King of the North is, but is endeavoring to show that the SDA church’s position has been shifting sand and “reeling to and fro like a drunkard” on this important topic connected to the Time of Trouble. It would be wise for all to carefully read the article in question as it gives an excellent historical precedent for the bitter disappointment and complete surprise that awaits those who realize too late that “we have many lessons to learn, and many, many to unlearn. God and Heaven alone are infallable.” (Testimonies to Ministers, p. 30).

“How many men in this age of the world fail to go deep enough. They only skim the surface. They will not think closely enough to see difficulties and grapple with them, and will not examine every important subject which comes before them with thoughtful, prayerful study and with sufficient caution and interest to see the real point at issue. They talk of matters which they have not fully and carefully weighed.” – Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, p. 361.

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