The Woman of Revelation 12: New Testament Church Only?

by sighandcry on October 17, 2010

Woman Revelation 12

Conventional Seventh-day Adventist teaching on the woman in Revelation chapter 12 is that it applies to God’s church in the New Testament(NT) era. However, closer inspection proves that this position cannot be correct. For example, if the woman represents the NT church alone, then how can she give birth to the “man child” (verse 5) if she did not come into existence until at least thirty years after the birth of Christ? This and other severe inconsistencies in modernist Seventh-day Adventist theology require that all true and sincere Adventists return to the Bible alone and rely only upon inspired interpretations of the scriptures and cease from trusting in the arm of flesh.  Now is your opportunity to feast on meat in due season and see unmasked Satan’s master plan to destroy God’s true church on earth today, the Seventh-day Adventist, in these final days and his subsequent final defeat with the emergence of the 144,000 living saints who will proclaim the Loud Cry to the world with power and force.  Come and see by downloading the attached study at the link listed below (beautifully inspired study charts are included).

The Woman of Revelation 12: God’s True Church in Every Age (PDF, 10.5 MB)


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