World War II Never Ended?

by sighandcry on May 10, 2014

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The Shepherd’s Rod message identified World War II in prophecy in the book of Nahum and furthermore predicted that this war was never really over and would resume once again in these latter days. These prophecies were first revealed in Tracts Nos. 12 and 14 entitled The World, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow and War News Forecast in the 1940′s. It is remarkable how current news confirms these predictions in the situation where we see imminent potential for war with Russia over the situation in Ukraine and the recent startling revelations behind the reasons why the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in an alleged attempt to end WWII. This serves as strong evidence that God knows the future and makes known what shall come to pass through His servants the prophets. Below is the passage cited from Tract No. 14 where it was prophesied the WWII was never over as far as inspiration is concerned. Amazing how the words of God’s true prophets are vindicated in due season for those who will believe.

(Subject: Nahum’s War Prophecy)

Time and chance are still the most trustworthy witnesses, as well as the best disclosers of mysteries. They now give the answers to the questions: Which one of the nations is “Assyria” of today? Who is “he that dasheth in pieces”? When does the clash of these two mortal enemies take place (p.47.)?

Now that considerable time has passed since this tract came off the press (4 years), and since many important events have shaped themselves to maturity since then, our readers of advancing Truth are doubtless now in a more favorable position to see the truth even more clearly and more realistically than before. Hence, for the benefit of all, we are adding these paragraphs. They express the Tract’s view on the subject as time and events are now able to exhibit.

The trend of World War II leaves no doubt that it is the one foretold by the prophet Nahum. This is made manifest by several facts:

Inspiration makes clear that Nahum’s war is fought in the time the chariots rage in the streets, while they justle one against another in the broad ways, while they seem like torches and run like the lightnings, in our day (Nah. 2:4).

The prophet, moreover, states that after the one that “dasheth in pieces” (Nah. 2:1) comes up before Assyria’s face, then it is that Assyria makes her “loins strong,” fortifies her “power mightily” (Nah. 2:1) — which, as the whole world knows, is just what took place when Hitler came against the allies: The allies, being unprepared to fight Hitler when he started dashing in pieces, they necessarily fortified their power mightily after the war began. All these facts prove that World War II is the war prophesied by Nahum, and that Hitler is the one that “dasheth in pieces.”

Though Nahum predicts the “fall of Assyria” in connection with “he that dasheth in pieces,” it does not say that he that dashes in pieces is himself to finish offAssyria, as one would naturally be inclined to conclude. It is now seen, though, that he that dasheth in pieces, himself was only to break or cause to be broken in pieces not only the allied nations, but his own nation, too. In fact, the prophecy says that “his worthies” (the worthies of the one that dasheth in pieces), were not to win, but that they were to “stumble in their walk,” stumble while on their march to victory (Nah. 2:5). And what happened in Hitler’s armies? — They stumbled while endeavoring to defeat Russia.

After Nahum 2:5 there is no more mention of him that dasheth in pieces, showing that he is out of the way. Add to this fact the truth that the war has split the whole world — practically all nations and peoples — into opposing chips of all sizes, and we have solid anchors to the proof that World War II is Nahum’s war, and that Hitler is the one whom inspiration entitled “he that dasheth in pieces.” Indeed, he divided the nations and peoples so that so far no one has been able to weld them together.

Furthermore, by the outcome of the war, England actually has not won. Yes, she has lost far beyond what she would have lost had she let Hitler have what he wanted in the first place — only a part of Poland.

Then too, the defeat of Japan and of Germany has by no means ended the war. It has only deepened the international deadly wound. Thus the possibilities of fulfilling every phase of truth contained in Tract No. 14, WAR NEWS FORECAST, are now brighter than before. As far as Inspiration is concerned, World War II has not ended.

This in itself is evidence enough that the world now, during this period of international unrest such as it has never before had — unrest that is caused by every existing element — is to give birth to something. As so far as we see it now, all the things of which we read in Tracts No. 12, The World Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and No. 14, War News Forecast seem to be on the way to quick fulfillment.” — Tract No. 14, pp. 51-54


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