Spiritual Formation and the Flood

by sighandcry on September 12, 2012

The inroads of overt spiritualism into the Seventh-day Adventist church through the medium of the “Spiritual Formation” movement has come to a crisis stage. Many church leaders and several ministries are sounding the warning call of this flood of apostasy into the church. Some relevant links to these efforts are listed below.

Trojan Horses: The New Spirituality Movements (from Adventists Affirm)

Spiritual Formation: Prominent Seventh-day Adventists Speak Out Against Spiritual Formation (a You Tube video)

Spiritually Experiencing God: The Alpha and the Omega (a very well documented Power Point presentation) 

Despite the fact that the newly elected president, Elder Ted Wilson, of the worldwide church of Seventh-day Adventists warned against this dangerous trend in his July 4, 2010 Sabbath sermon address in Atlanta Georgia, it was not sufficient to quell the flood at that time nor to this day. At this very General Conference session there was a prayer room which was open during the entire session and resembled a eastern style mediation room complete with low lying tables, pillows, candles, low lighting, etc. Even the outside world has identified that Contemplative/Emerging Spirituality has been fully integrated in the Theological Seminary at Andrews University since 2009. As this is where most of the ministers in the Seventh-day Adventist church study to receive their ministerial credentials, is it a small wonder that we have a crisis in our midst as new ministers take up their assignments and either knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly, begin to introduce unbiblical methods of prayer and meditation into their local congregations?

As a further illustration of the magnitude of the crisis at hand, a letter dated May 20, 2012 from a concerned laywoman to Elder Wilson and other responsible church leaders makes a strong appeal against the overt teaching of spiritualism, Contemplative Prayer and other Babylonian practices at one of the denominations largest congregations, the Atlanta Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church (4105 members) in open defiance of the warning calls coming from the top church administration.

The question we have to ask with all of this apostasy coming into the church and the apparent inability of the sentinels on the wall to abate the whelming flood is, is there a divine remedy? Fortunately, by the grace and mercy of God, there is one and it is found in a well known, but poorly understood, prophecy found in the Revelation, chapter 12. Herein we will find that Satan’s third attempt to destroy God’s true church (the woman clad in the sun) will finally end in defeat as the earth swallows up the flood of apostasy coming into the church and brings forth a purified remnant, the 144,000 who will go forth and proclaim the Loud Cry with power and force. Come and see how God will save His church from this terrible crisis brought in by the unconverted in our midst. Please click the link below to download the study outline and the original presentation of this most present truth prophecy.

Revelation 12: The Woman and the Dragon



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